you are planning a peaceful protest to confront the current regime in your country.

Without your knowledge the dictator has installed the latest tracking and tracing technology in order to block your efforts.

While you and your friends plan your peaceful protest using internet, phone and text messages;

the dictator knows exactly what you say, where you are and what you are planning…

… the army, police and security forces know everything.

The moment you want to raise your voice, you are arrested, humiliated and tortured. All fundamental human rights are violated.

The technology used to violate your human rights was delivered by European Companies.


Governments use
technology to censor
citizens and diminish
freedom of speech.

Mass Surveillance

Governments use
technology to monitor the
communication and
behaviour of their citizens.


Governments use
technology to determine the
whereabouts of journalists,
activists and other citizens.


Governments use
technology to hack and
disable computers and
communications equipment.

Stop digital arms trade

The weapons used are European
and should be banned from export.

This is where it’s happening

Surveillance in Iran

With help of Siemens and Nokia Iran developed one of the most advanced surveillance networks in the world.

Tracing in Syria

Syria can track all communications and internet use in real time with help from the Italian company Area SpA.

Blocking in Egypt

The Egyptian regime forced Vodafone to send pro-government messages and block phone communication to frustrate protests.

Hacking in Bahrain

The British company Finfisher delivered software to the Bahrein governement in order to hack activists computers.

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